May 2022

New Nikon Z5 Mirrorless Clinical System

Nikon has been expanding their line of mirrorless cameras and the Z5 is the best choice for clinical photos.
We match the full frame Z5 with Nikon's latest 105mm macro lens specifically designed for their mirrorless
Z lens mount.

Like the D7500, the Z5 has User Programmable Modes. For clinical use, we use the User Modes to pre-program the camera and simplify switching between portraits (U1) and closeup views (U2). The Z5 also has a third User Mode (U3) that you can use for any other purpose.

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New Product: Godox Wireless Macro Flashes

The New Godox MF12 Dual Point Flash System is a nice upgrade over the Nikon SB-R200 and Canon EL-100 flashes that are typically used with our R2 Dual Point Flash Bracket. The Godox MF12 system includes two flashes and a transmitter that uses radio communication instead of the optical communication of previous flashes. The MF12 flashes are also the first with built-in lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

The Godox MF12 system is avaialble for all Canon and Nikon cameras and we will have the Sony version available shortly.

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New Product: R2 Mirrorless Adapter Kit

The R2 Dual Point Flash Bracket was designed to work with DSLR cameras. Most camera manufacturers are now moving to smaller cameras called Mirrorless cameras. Mirrorless cameras are much smaller than DSLRs and when a macro lens is attached to a mirrorless camera, the lens barrel extends below the bottom of the camera which prevents the bracket from being attached to the bottom of the camera.

Our new R2 Mirrorless Adapter Kit allows the R2 Bracket to be used on any Canon, Nikon or Sony mirrorless camera.

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New Books from Dr. Miguel Ortiz and Dr. Amanda Seay

We've added two beautiful books on dental photography.

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You can visit PhotoMed at these upcoming dental meetings

Want to see the latest in dental photographic equipment? Do you have questions about your PhotoMed camera? Need mirrors and retractors? Then come see us at these upcoming dental meetings.

California Dental Association,
Anaheim, CA - 5/12/22 - 5/14/22

American Association of Orthodontists,
Miami, FL - 5/21/22 - 5/23/22

International Symposium of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry,
Boston, MA - 6/9/22 - 6/11/22

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