March 2018

New Product - UHB Ultra High Brightness Intraoral Mirrors


UHB Ultra High Brightness intraoral mirrors feature a dielectric coating with a maximum reflectance of over 99%. The image to the left shows the mouth model and its reflection and the brightness is identical in the reflected image.

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Product Update - Universal Mirror Handle


Our Universal Mirror Handle has been very popular and it is now available in three colors - silver, red and black.

The Universal Mirror Handle helps to keep fingertips out of your photos and simplifies mirror placement and alignment.

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New Product - Black Retractors


We've been getting requests for black retractors and we now have two styles in stock. The first style is the same shape and size as our clear Buccal retractors.

The second style is the same shape and size as our clear Universal Short retractors.

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New Product - polar_eyes Filter for Nissin MF18 / Nissin i40


The polar_eyes Cross Polarization Filter has been very popular since its introduction and we now have a version for the Nissin MF18 macro flash.

We also have a new version for those who are using the Nissin i40 flashes on our R2 Dual Point Flash Bracket

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We have offered Dr. Kris Chmielewski's Dental Photo Master book for the last couple of years and Dr. Chmielewski and his team have created one of the best online sources for dental photography education. features instructional videos that range from the very basics to advanced techniques. Use the special promo code in the link below to save 40% on a 12 month subscription.

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You can visit PhotoMed at these upcoming dental meetings

Want to see the latest in dental photographic equipment? Do you have questions about your PhotoMed camera? Need mirrors and retractors? Then come see us at these upcoming dental meetings.

Hinman Dental Meeting, Atlanta, GA - 3/22 - 3/24

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Chicago, IL - 4/19 - 4/21

American Association of Orthodontists, Washington, DC - 5/5 - 5/8

California Dental Association, Anaheim, CA - 5/17 - 5/19

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