November, 2010

Lots of new photo equipment to talk about

The last few months have seen the addition of new camera models from Canon and Nikon, a new macro lens from Nikon, a new wireless macro flash from Metz and a great iPad photography app.

New Wireless Macro Flash from Metz

Traditional macro flashes have always had large power packs that sit on top of the camera and heavy duty coiled cords that connect the power pack and the flash head. This was necessary to allow the camera to trigger the flash and to control the flash output for a proper exposure.

Metz has done away with the power pack and coiled cord with their new MS-1 Wireless Macro Flash. The MS-1 is controlled by the camera through wireless flash control. A few camera models from Nikon and Canon have wireless flash transmitters built-in - all other models can use small, lightweight transmitters.
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Nikon releases new 85mm macro lens - small and lightweight

This is a nice lens! The new Nikon 85mm macro lens is quite small (only 4 inches long), lightweight (only 12.5 ozs) and roughly half the price of Nikon's 105mm macro lens. Some may worry that an 85mm macro lens does not have enough working distance for dental photography, but they would be mistaken. The 85mm has only 0.5 inches less working distance than the 105mm at 1:1 (6 inches vs. 5.5 inches).
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The Nikon D90 with the 85mm macro lens and the Metz MS-1 is now one of our most popular systems due to the weight, size and balance.

Canon 60D continues the evolution of the xxD series

This is the 8th generation (if you count the D30 and D60) of Canon's xxD series of SLR digital cameras. It is the first xxD camera to include HD quality video capability and the first Canon SLR digital camera to include an articulating LCD screen. You can "flip" the LCD screen out to the side and turn it up or down. You can also turn the screen in and protect it when not in use.

The 60D is slightly smaller and a few ounces lighter than the outgoing 50D which should make those with smaller hands happy.

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Nikon adds a new camera (D7000) between the D90 and the D300s

The new Nikon D7000 slots in between the D90 and the D300s in size and price, but in many ways, the D7000 offers more than the D300s.

The D7000 is about the same size as the D90, but adds a magnesium alloy skin, 1080p HD video capaibility, dual SD memory card slots and bumps the resolution up to 16.2 megapixels. We're busy working on our custom instructions for the D7000. Look for it to hit our website shortly.

Do you use an iPad for patient presentations? Check out this great iPad app that gives you access to your image library over wifi.

Cinq for iPad is a great way to present images to your patients. Cinq is a $2 app that allows you to access all of your images stored on your computer.

You install a free program on your computer, specify where your photos are located and then pull them up on your iPad. You could set up separate folders for different procedures, show before & after photos, pull up diagrams to help your patients understand procedures - you' re only limited by your imagination! When used with and Eye-Fi card, you can pull up images that you took only a few moments ago.
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Is the Canon 100mm L Macro lens better than the older 100mm macro?

When Canon released their 100mm L macro lens, many people asked how much better it was compared to the 100mm macro that Canon has offered for many years. You can assume that any lens that Canon designates as one of their "L" lenses will be very high quality, but how much better can it really be?

Canon claims that the higher resolution cameras (18 megapixel +) were exceeding the resolution of the standard 100mm macro lens and a higher quality lens was needed. is known for their exhaustive camera and lens reviews and they have thoroughly tested the 100mm L macro. Have a look at the data and decide for yourself. Or call us if you need more help.
Read's review of the Canon 100mm L macro lens


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