We've got a new way for you to experience ClearMatch Shade Mapping software. Try it in your office on your cases for 45 days for only $99. You can process as many cases as you would like within those 45 days and we'll even credit the $99 towards the purchase of a full copy when you decide to upgrade.

Simply take a photo with a shade tab in the image and import it into ClearMatch. A few clicks later, you have accurate shade and value maps that you can print or email to your lab. Our website has a self running presentation that allows you to see the software in action. Take a look and call us today for your trial copy.
Click here to get more information on ClearMatch.

In our last newsletter, we introduced our new Universal Mirror Handle but they were not yet available. We now have them in stock. We showed the new handle for the first time at the CDS meeting in Chicago and they were extremely popular. We have them available individually or in kits with three mirrors.
Click here for more information about our Universal MIrror Handle.


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We've been getting a lot of requests for wireless downloading of images. Until now, the only way was to use expensive and difficult to configure transmitters from Canon and Nikon. The Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card not only lowers the price significantly, it also makes the setup and configuration much easier.

The Eye-Fi is an SD memory card with a Wi-Fi transmitter built-in that will send images that you have taken to a designated folder on one of your computers - as you take the photos.

You need a Wi-Fi router on your office or home network, but you probably already have this. If not, your IT person can easily add one. Setting up the Eye-Fi card is very easy - the software walks you through each step and communicates with your network. Once this is done, you tell the
Eye-Fi which folder to add the images to and you're done.

We tested the Eye-Fi in six different locations with different routers. Four worked without a problem. The fifth had a very old router and once it was upgraded, the Eye-Fi had no trouble. The sixth location uses a Wi-Fi access point instead of a router and we could not get the Eye-Fi to play nice with it. As long as you have a current generation router, you should have success.

We have also found an SD to CF adapter that works with the Eye-Fi in cameras that use Compact Flash memory card. We have tested it with all of the Canon and Nikon CF models. It sells for $29.00 - call us if you need one.

You can find the Eye-Fi in most electronic stores and online at: