Canon has recently introduced two new cameras that update two of our most popular models - the 40D and the G9.

The 40D continues Canon's line of excellent "prosumer" cameras that started with the 10D. Listed below are the major upgrades over the 30D:
- 10.1 megapixel vs. 8.2
- 3" LCD vs. 2.5"
- 14 bit image processing vs. 12 bit
- New Digic III processor
- Live View (use the LCD as a viewfinder - manual focus only)
- Interchangeable focusing screens including a grid screen
- 3 custom user modes on the mode dial
- 6.5 frames per second continuous shooting vs. 5 fps

The Canon G9 was another surprise in the G-Series line. The G6 was rumored to be the last of the G-Series cameras. The G7 was a nice surprise, but Canon annoyed many people by leaving out RAW capability.

Canon has returned RAW mode to the G-Series with the new G9. They also bumped the resolution to 12 megapixel and managed to cram a 3" LCD screen on the back of the camera. The nice 6x image-stabilized optical zoom lens is carried over from the G7.

We'll have both of these new cameras on display at the ADA meeting in San Francisco. Visit us in booth #6814 to see these new cameras along with the other new items featured in this newsletter as well as everything else you need for clinical photography.

Nikon's R1 wireless macro flash has been a popular item since it was introduced in December 2005. The only issue with the R1 has to do with the mounting ring - it is quite large and places the flash heads too far from the lens for buccal and occlusal mirror shots and posterior views.

We will be introducing our new R1 Dual Point Flash Bracket at the ADA in San Francisco. The R1 DPF Bracket allows you position the flash heads on either side of the lens for intraoral views (see image above) or separate them by as much as 22 inches for anterior esthetic views and lab communication. The ball head position can be easily changed (relative to
the lens) and the flash heads have a full range of movement on the ball heads. Additionally, the front rail can be positioned forward and back to accommodate different size lenses.

If you will be attending the ADA in San Francisco, please stop by and see us in booth #6814.

More info at: PhotoMed R1 Dual Point Flash Bracket


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Dr. Christopher Orr (current British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry President) and Smile-On LTD have developed this interactive learning program to give all dental staff the knowledge and skills to create consistent and high quality clinical photographs.

Packaged with the interactive CD presentation are a set of photo sheets that depict the necessary images for any clinical application.

We will be introducing this exciting program at the ADA meeting in San Francisco - visit us in booth #6814.

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We'll be in booth #6814 at the ADA Annual Meeting in San Francisco, Sept. 27-29. Stop by and take a look at all of the new cameras and ask about our meeting specials.

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