Announced at the end of 2006, the Nikon D40 is the new entry-level replacement for the Nikon D50. Like the D50, the new D40 is a 6 megapixel camera (this is one of the ways that Nikon kept the price down). Unlike the D50, the D40 features the same 2.5" LCD screen and the updated menuing system from the D80 and D200.

One surprise was the lack of an internal focus drive motor. This means that there is no mechanical focus drive pin - there are only CPU contacts for use with AF-S and AF-I Nikon mount lenses (lenses with internal focus motors). You can attach any Nikon AF lens to the camera, but unless it is AF-S or AF-I, you can only use it in manual focus mode.

There is only one macro lens for Nikon that is an AF-S lens: the new Nikon 105mm AF-S VR macro lens. If autofocus is important to you and you are interested in the D40, this is the only way to go. The Nikon 105mm VR is a beautiful lens, but it is the heaviest macro lens in its focal range (28 oz.)

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LED Dental’s new VELscope allows quick and easy detection of mucosal diseases, but until now, it has been difficult (if not impossible) to get clear, sharp images through the VELscope.

The reason it is so difficult is the VELscope uses a very narrow section of the visible light spectrum and the amount of light reaching the camera is very small. In order to get images that are of clinical value, there is a very specific protocol that must be followed when taking the images and then the images are processed so that they show the areas of interest - with detail that is expected by medical journals.

PhotoMed has developed the VELscope Photography Package that allows you to use any SLR (single lens reflex) digital camera with a standard macro lens (you probably already have this type of lens on your clinical camera). Unfortunately, "point & shoot" cameras do not work well for VELscope photography. They do not have the ability to work in a high-ISO mode (high light sensitivity) without significant amounts of "noise" (digital equivalent to film grain) showing in the image. Click for more information

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Canon surprised everyone with the announcement of a new G-Series digital camera. We have had great success with our Canon G cameras and it appeared that the G6 was going to be the last one.

The new G7 is a 10 megapixel camera outfited with a 6x optical zoom lens (35-210mm equiv.).
When combined with our closeup attachment kit, the G7 allow you to photograph an area approimately 9/10 " wide (same as SLR digitals).
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Canon has lowered the pricing of their popular 5D and 30D cameras. ($300 and $100 respectively). The new prices are already shown on
our 5D and 30D pages.
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