The PhotoMed / Fuji S9000 clinical camera system is a hybrid or "bridge" camera between the smaller point-and-shoot cameras and the larger SLR cameras (like the Canon 30D). The S9000 allows you to use the built-in LCD screen as a viewfinder (like the Canon A620) or switch to the elctronic viewfinder and place your eye to the viewfinder (like the Canon 30D).

The S9000 features a 10.7x optical zoom lens. When combined with PhotoMed's custom macro lens, this camera can focus on a field only 5/8" wide. The other nice thing about the S9000 lens is the manual zoom control. This allows you to preset the lens at any position and shoot the same size field over and over (just like an SLR camera).

Go to: PhotoMed / Fuji S9000 for more information, sample images and pricing on the S9000

We are regularly asked for recommendations regarding classes on dental photography. Listed below are clinicians and continuing education facilities that offer a variety of seminars and hands-on workshops at beginner and advanced levels. We work closely with all of them and can highly recommend them if you are looking for good advice and training. In no particular order:

Dr. Martin Goldstein and Dr. Joe Steven Seminar

Dr. Martin Goldstein Photography Seminar Schedule

Esthetic Professionals - courses include photography

Dr. Stephen Snow Photography Lectures/Classes

Dr. Robert Maher - Personal Clinical Mentoring including photography

Rachel Wall, RDH - Hygiene Consulting including photography

Clifton and Associates - courses include photography

UCLA Esthetic Continuum - courses include photography

James Clark / Univ of WA School of Dentistry - teaches dental photography

Dr. Larry Emmott - technology courses/lectures including photography

There are others who's information wasn't available in time for this issue. These links will be added to our web site and updated regularly.

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In the next few weeks, we will be introducing a new "Quick & Easy" Portrait Package. We are finalizing the package and hope to have information on our web site shortly. The link below is not yet working, but will be in the next few days.

Through July 15th, Canon is offering rebates on the Rebel XT and 5D digital cameras as well as their 10mm macro lens, ring flash and dual-point macro flash. Listed below are the rebate amounts.
Canon EOS Rebel XT - $100
Canon EOS 5D - $300
Canon 100mm macro lens - $40
Canon MR-14EX macro flash - $30
Canon MT-24EX macro flash - $50
There are also rebates on many of Canon's recreational lenses. You can download the rebate form (which lists allof the eligible items) here:
Canon Rebate Form

Is your old 35mm clinical camera collecting dust in a closet? We can
try to help you exchange it for cash
or a credit towards a new digital camera system. Peter is our used equipment evaluator. Call him with the make and model of your camera equipment and he will give you an estimate of what it is worth. Call Peter at 800-998-7765.

Visit PhotoMed at the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference in Seattle, WA, July 13-14. We will be in booth #1001. We'll be showing all of our cameras including the new Fuji S9000 Clinical System.

Stop by and check out the latest in cameras, mirrors, retractors, books and anything else we can find that is useful for dental photography.

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PNDC - Seattle, WA
September 2006:
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October 2006:
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