Nikon is finally releasing a new macro flash that will work TTL with
Nikon Digital SLR cameras. This new model will join the Sigma
EM-140DG as the only iTTL macro flashes available. We do not yet
have a firm delivery date, but we expect to receive the new flashes in either late December or early January 2006. As soon as we thoroughly test the new flash and verify that everything works properly, it will be added to our web site.

We are compiling a pre-order list for those interested in the new Nikon Macro Flash. Call us at 800-998-7765 and ask to be added to the list. We will contact you as soon as they are available and have been tested.

From Nikon's press release:

Nikon is pleased to announce the introduction of the Wireless Remote Speedlight SB-R200 and Wireless Speedlight Commander SU-800. Designed to make macro lighting easy while also expanding the
creative potential for general multiple- flash photography, the new equipment was designed with the co-operation of specialist macro photographers from the wildlife and medical sectors. 

The SB-R200 is a new compact Speedlight for Remote Speedlight operation in two different shooting conditions. As part of a newly developed mini system for close-up flash photography, the SB-R200 is both lightweight and compact, which means it can be inserted into a dedicated ring attached to the lens to direct light onto small subjects.
It is also fully compatible with Nikon’s Advanced Wireless Lighting system, meaning it can be used in multiple lighting situations with
SB-800 and SB-600 units.

Flexible Control
The SB-R200 can be controlled either by the SU-800 Commander unit
or a SB-800 Speedlight in Master mode. Additionally, Nikon D-SLRs with a Commander mode for the built-in Speedlight (D70s/D70/D200) can control SB-R200 units as well. 

The multi-functional SU-800 unit forms the nerve centre of any i-TTL multiple flash-lighting situation; close-up photography or otherwise. Capable of metering and triggering groups of remote Speedlights in the Creative Lighting System, a one-touch switch fully automates accurate exposures of small subjects instantly. Manual adjustment
of the balance of each unit’s output is simple to control through the comprehensive LCD panel.

Close-up photography kits available
Two special kits dedicated to close-up photography are available, depending on the type of camera the customer already owns. The first
is the complete Nikon Close-up Speedlight Commander Kit SB-R1C1, consisting of the SU-800 commander, two SB-R200 units with attachment ring, lens adapters, filters and more. 

A less expensive option is the Nikon Close-Up Remote Kit SB-R1 that contains two SB-R200 units and necessary adaptor rings, filters etc.
but without the SU-800. This is an attractive option for D70/D70s/D200 customers who can use their cameras’ built-in Speedlight in Commander mode to trigger the remote units.

Both kits come complete with a host of accessories to help users get maximum control over their close-up flash shooting, such as the Extreme Close-Up positioning adapter SW-11, Colour Filter Set
SJ-R200, Diffuser SW-12 and Flexible Arm Clip SW-C1.

Customize your own Creative Lighting System
The SU-800 and SB-R200 units are also available separately to enable customers to expand their existing Creative Lighting System of SB-800 and SB-600 Speedlights.

SC-30 cord
The optional SC-30 cord set enables TTL flash exposure control of 2
SB-R200 units with non i-TTL cameras such as the D1series /D100/ F5/F100.  

Through the end of the year, Canon is offering some generous rebates on their most popular D-SLR cameras. Included are the EOS 20D and the EOS Digital Rebel XT. When you combine Canon's 100mm macro lens and ring light with the Canon EOS 20D, you are eligible for a $270 rebate! The Rebel XT with the same lens and flash is eligible for $220!

You can save even more if you purchase eligible recreational lenses at the same time. Call us at 800-998-7765 for more information and we can explain the Single - Double - Triple rules.
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