If you already own a digital camera that we offer with our closeup attachment kit, you can purchase the kit separately and update your camera to allow it to take great clinical photographs. We have attachment kits to fit the cameras listed below.

Each Closeup Attachment Kit includes all of the items needed for the camera that we include with our complete camera packages. These include our custom macro lens, acrylic flash diffuser, necessary mounting tubes/rings and the same custom instructions that we include with complete camera systems.

The custom acrylic flash diffuser features mirrors which reflect and redirect the light from the flash for an even distribution of light across the field.

After attaching the Closeup Attachment Kit to your camera, simply follow the included PhotoMed instructions. Phone support is included if you ever have any questions.

Available for the Canon SX730 and SX740 Digital Cameras

PhotoMed Closeup Attachment Kits
Closeup Attachment Kit for Canon Digital Cameras (specify camera model) $699.00